About Us

We want to transform the world of e-learning. We want to liberate e-learning content from offline authoring tools. Currently, it’s way too hard to make changes to e-learning content. Modern companies operate in a constantly changing environment. Their training materials should reflect that. For instance, if you’ve just introduced a new automation tool in your company, it should be easy and fast to adapt the onboarding e-learning module.

Beyond that, we understand that learners don’t want to be glued to their screens to do training. They might want to get training on the job. They might want to rehearse an important exam while driving or cooking. We’re exploring technology which allows you to learn in informal settings.


Founded & run by Onno

Onno Schuit is owner at Solin (www.solin.eu), the parent company of Frooxl, and partner at TrainerTops (www.trainertops.com). He has over 20 years of experience in developing e-learning and online training solutions.

Onno blogs at blog.trainertops.com, providing tips and thoughts on internet marketing for trainers and online training.

As a subcontractor specialized in the open source lms Moodle he has also designed and programmed custom made software for clients such as Shell, KLM Airlines and the Dutch Open University.

An Outstanding team

Frooxl is made possible by an outstanding team. We’re a 100% remote team, all working and collaborating with tools suchs as Google Docs, Skype, Slack and of course email.
Our core team is based in the Netherlands. We’ve also got team members in the UK, the Netherlands and Brazil.
DenisSenior Developer
MartijnSenior Developer
RoelCreative Director
JeroenStrategic Advisor